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At Cali Crown Jewels, we create eye-catching designs and works of art. We specialize in the production of Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper, building upon a lapidary legacy decades in the making. Poppy Jasper is a rare and sought-after jasper only found in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. As jewelers who keep art at the forefront, we provide exemplary work on all types of precious stones and gemstones.


We take pride in being a custom design and manufacturing house that spans all kinds of jewelry – rustic looks, modern fashion, artisanal products from across the globe, timeless pieces for special occasions – we handle it all!


Our team is GIA trained, knowledgeable and friendly. We believe everyone deserves jewelry that makes them feel special, that’s our aim in every single piece we create. We look forward to crafting the next one for your collection. Now you know a friendly jeweler!

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper
Custom Jewelry
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